Books I Love

I’m going to add to this page as and when I read a “gem”, starting from January 2015. I have a huge TBR pile. Enormous! Some of the books on it have been there for 20-plus years and others have been there for 20-plus days. I read them in a random order. Just because I haven’t read one from years ago doesn’t mean I never will; I just haven’t quite got round to it yet! Therefore, some of the “books I love” will have been released a long time ago, and others will be current. Nothing like mixing it up a bit 🙂



The School Gate Survival Guide by Kerry Fisher

81FkBNW+jfL._SL1500_Don’t you just love it when you’re reading a novel that you don’t want to put down? When you re-play parts of it in your head when you’re hoovering or sorting the washing. When you imagine the characters and can’t wait to get back to your book or Kindle to re-join their lives and find out what happens next. The School Gate Survival Guide was one of those books for me. The protagonist, Maia, is a great character who I warmed to immediately, willing her to succeed with the challenges thrown at her. I love the premise that she’s inherited private school fees but not the funds to provide uniforms, pay for school trips and so on. It would be easy to make this a book purely about class but, although that’s a clear theme, it focuses more on what it’s like to struggle, to feel out of your depth, and to make the right decisions for your family that may not be the right decisions for you. I adored her friend Clover and want one just like it! I genuinely didn’t want to put this book down. The characters lingered with me when I wasn’t reading and I’m still thinking about them now. Wonderful debut and can’t wait for the next one.


Available in paperback and eBook formats. Here’s the Amazon link.


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