Hello from Me!

Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for visiting.

The strapline to this blog is “writing, reading, stationery, life, chocolate and bears” so I’ll talk about all of those things although most of my musings will be around writing as this is, after all, a blog to convince you to buy my books. Except I haven’t released any  … yet … but I will do soon!

_MG_1106I write contemporary women’s romance. When I started out with the idea for my first novel in 2003 (eek, was it really that long ago?) I thought of myself as a writer of light-hearted rom-coms. As I’ve developed my writing and found my voice, I’d say there’s still moments of humour, but my books explore some deeper themes so I wouldn’t necessarily label them rom-com. Others would. But who needs labels? They’re books about love and about friendship. I say “they” because I’m actually working on a trilogy.

I joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers Scheme in 2012 and stayed in the NWS for three years. The critiques I’ve received through this have been both valuable and encouraging. Another incredible by-product of being on the NWS is that I’m one-tenth of The Write Romantics. We all ‘met’ virtually through the RNA in 2013 and were all on the NWS or recent graduates of the programme. The Write Romantics started as a pair – Jay Bartlett and me – but we quickly recognised that we were going to struggle to run a blog as unpublished writers purely by ourselves so we put an email out for reinforcements and, two years on, I couldn’t imagine life without the group.

P1050294In September 2013, I felt ready to let my debut novel, ‘Searching for Steven’ into the real world and sub’d him to a publisher for the first time. A year later I received two three-book publishing deals! I chose to go with UK-based So Vain Books.

My debut novel, Searching for Steven, was released  in paperback and eBook formats on 3rd June 2015. The next book in the series, Getting Over Gary, will be out on 3rd March 2016, with the final book in the series being released in late summer 2016 (if I ever get it finished!) I also have a novella, Raving About Rhys, which I released just before Steven.

I’d be ever so grateful if you could follow me on Twitter @JessicaRedland, like my Facebook page and follow this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Jessica xx


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